Friday, September 21, 2018

It’s time to turn up the heat on your legs, with the elegant and deceptively tough skater jump. The elegance comes from the impeccable balance you’ll undoubtedly demonstrate doing the exercise, which mimics a skater gracefully speeding across the ice. The difficulty comes from the challenge provided to your body by the explosive lateral jumps. It all adds up to an exercise that will provide a stern test of strength, balance, fitness and co-ordination – fun, right?

The main muscles worked by the skater jump are found in your legs and rump. Your quads receive the bulk of the punishment, but your hamstrings, glutes and calves will also be nicely toned by the movement. Extra benefits come in the form of balance and co-ordination improvements, unless you keep falling over of course, and a full minute will really get your heart pumping, for those keen on including it in a HIIT circuit.

How To Do It

If you’re new to this exercise, it’s best not to jump straight in. Start with skater steps and work your way up.

Skater Steps

For beginners seeking extra balance, step, rather than jump, from side to side, and when you cross your trailing leg behind your body put it in contact with the ground.

Small Skater Jumps

Once you have your balance sorted, try jumping about 50cm from side to side with your back foot raised.

Large Skater Leaps

It’s time to leap, a good metre or more from side to side. Hold for a beat on one leg when you land before jumping back the other way.

Skater Jump Squats

If leaping is not enough for you, add a one-legged squat while holding your skater pose each time you land.

You can incorporate any variation of the skater jump into circuit-training easily. Try as many as you can in a minute, maintaining perfect form and balance of course.